Breath Sure

Most effective Ayurvedic cough kadha Specially formulated to Supports Healthy Lungs & Upper Respiratory Function

Targets Congestion to promote clear lungs and detoxifying effect on respiratory track

Chronic respiratory diseases (CRD) are among the leading causes of mortality and morbidity worldwide, with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and asthma being the most common. According to the Global burden of Disease Studies in 2015, COPD and asthma ranked among the top 20 conditions causing disability globally and were ranked 8th and 23rd, respectively, as causes of disease burden when measured by disability-adjusted life years.

According to WHO 2016, Asthma affects 235 million people worldwide, out of which 15–20 million people are from India. We wanted to develop a formulation which unlike other forms of medicine can treats the CAUSE of the illness and not just the symptoms. Which can overcome and address the drawbacks or limitation of the existing formulation (Herbal / Allopathic).

Breath Sure syrup is an herbal extract based ayurvedic Cough kadha containing multiple herbs which has effect on respiratory system. This poly herbal formulation would be able to treat common and Severe Colds, Cough, Allergies, Wheezing, Sinusitis, Rhinitis, and Bronchial Asthma. It would also be prescribed for the patients who are vulnerable to pneumonia and COVID-19 because we believe that the blend of herbs are carefully selected to form a very efficient mixture of NATURAL Broncho-dilators and Anti-allergens and respiratory system rejunuvator.

How Breath sure works

It has mucolytic action, which helps reducing viscosity of phlegm and bronchial secretions, which ultimately facilitates expectoration. Ingredients with antitussive and soothing action present in Breath Sure syrup reduce bronchial irritation. Guggul because of its anti-inflammatory properties relieves the inflammation of the bronchial tubes. Through these mechanisms, Breath Sure syrup relieves cough by reducing bronchial irritation and bronchospasm.

  • The respiratory tract gets dilate within a week of administrating and the person will feel light.
  • Over the course of 2 weeks, the choking feeling in the chest and the difficulty in breathing slowly demine.
  • The phlegm and mucous in the respiratory tract will clear out and be able to breathe much better. The peak flow rates gradually improved. This polyherbal formulation has herbs that possess antioxidant effects and strengthens the body from within thereby increases the immunity against the triggers of allergies in chronic respiratory distress.
  • As a result, it contributes to the third level of detoxification and rejuvenates the respiratory system
  • It will significantly reduce the utilization and dependency of inhalers and allopathic bronchodilators including steroidal preparations which have considerable side effects on the human body on long-term use.
  • Supports Healthy Lung & Upper Respiratory Function
  • Great for Children & Adults
  • Soothing Support
  • Non-Drowsy Non-Habit Forming
  • Great way to ensure quick relief from Asthma attack
  • Immediate relief from chronic colds, cough and sneezing
  • Boosts the immunity thus, preventing the probability of Asthma triggers
  • Works as a Bronchodilator and prevents the respiratory tract disorders
  • Clears the phlegm rapidly
  • Promotes uniform air passage in the lungs
  • It has Anti-oxidants that increases the immunity, promotes overall health
  • Works as an Anti-inflammatory agent, reduces the swelling of the trachea.

Yavaani(Thyme) (Thymus vulgaris), Bimbi (Ivy)(Hedera helix), Vacha(Acorus Root), Pacha Karpura (Cinnamomum Camphora), Lavangaha (Caryophyllus Aromaticus Linn), Patha(Cissampelospareira Linn), Ela (Elettaria Cardamomum Linn), Maricha (Piper Nigrum Linn), Sunthi(Zingiber Oficinale Roscoe), Pushkarmool(Inula Racemoca), Nagaramustaka(Cyperus Scariosus Powder), Shati (Curcuma Zedoaria Rose) Rasna (Alpinia Galanga Swartz) Amalaki(Phyllanthus Emblica Linn) Bibhitaka (Terminalia Bellirica), Pippali (Piper Longum Linn), Pudina(Mentha arvensis Linn), Tulasi (Ocimum Sanctum), Lata Kasturi (Abelmoschus moschatus),Yashti Madhu (Glycyrrhiza glabra), Saindava Lavanam(Unaqua Sodium Chloride), Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera Dunal), Vasaka(Adhatoda Vasica Nees) Darusita(Cinnamomum Zeylanicum), Guggul (Commiphora wightii), Distilled Water As base.

  • Asthma, Cough, Smoker’s cough
  • Cough associated with chronic pulmonary obstructive disease (COPD)
  • Bronchitis, Bronchonile, Allergy, Sinusities
  • Eosinophilia, Sneezing, Wheezing, Running Nose.
  • Adults: 10 ml of Syrup with 20ml of Luke warm water, Once or twice a day (Or as recommended by the physician)
  • Children: (Above 3 years): 2.5ml of Syrup with 10ml of Luke warm water
  • Breath Sure syrup is LIKELY SAFE in recommended dosage.

100 ml & 200 ml Bottles

Arun Kumar

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